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Factory Zone, Lungujja, Kitunzi, Rubaga, Kampala


VEDCO’s 5 year strategic objectives 2020-2025:

  1. To improve Food and Nutrition security. This will lead agricultural production and food supply, as well as enhanced food utilization, increased agricultural production, food supply and enhanced food utilisation.
  2. To deepen Agricultural Trade and Business Development this will lead to market access, value addition and inclusive finance.
  3. To improve natural resource management. This will lead to sustainable production practices, agro-ecological regeneration, reduced pollution and waste.
  4. To improve farmers’ Public Policy Engagement and Advocacy. This will lead to farmers’ participation in policy processes, and influencing development agenda.
  5. To enhance Response to Humanitarian, Disaster and Emergencies. This will lead to an early warning system and contingency plans in communities to handle shocks and risks.
  6. To improve VEDCO’s capacity to deliver agricultural services. This will lead to an effective, and efficient Organization performing all its functions.

Policies that VEDCO adheres to:

  1. Human Resource Policy/ Manual
  2. Financial Management Procedural policy
  3. Anti- Corruption/ Fraud and whistle Blower policy
  4. Humanitarian policy & Principles for Humanitarian Action
  5. Child Protection Policy
  6. Reserve Fund Policy
  7. HIV/AIDS workplace policy