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Mengo Busiro, Makamba Zone, Rubaga Division

Muwanguzi Ben

My is Muwanguzi Ben, male aged 18 and single with no children, Iam PEASANT farmer from Buyende District: Buyende sub county. ‘ I received information concerning AWFP from a Community Based Trainer who stated the benefits of VSLA, Collective production and marketing. After listening to her, the desire to save money and buy goats attracted me to join Tilikuleka-Awabi Youth group in my village.

Ever since I joined the group, my savings improved and I was able to buy a goat. I was able to save UGX 120,000 as capital to buy a goat.

I got involved in chilli production and my saving culture has improved, i save money weekly from the selling of Chili. In the group, we believe in starting small, with only Ugx.500/= every week on Thursday. Iam really happy that this VSLA and chilli growing enabled me to buy a goat, and I look forward to buying more goats from my savings and also borrowing from the group VSLA to purchase goats for goat production business. Before I joined the group, I was earning small income but without a saving mind. My turning point started when I started saving in April 2020 and after the first cycle in April 2021 my savings accumulated to UGX. 120,000 from which I bought a goat.

My quality of life has changed because I am able to finance small investments like buying seed and chemicals for my chili gardenusing my savings as well as acquiring a loan from the group. My best interest is in increasing my weekly savings to buy more goats.