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Stories of Change

Nabirye Zakia

I am Nabirye Zakia aged 24 years old and a mother of one Child, a resident of Namavundu village in Bageya parish-Buyende Town council. I joined Kyebajjatobona youth farmers group after attending parish sensitization meeting on A working project by Volunteer Efforts for Development Concerns.

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Twesigye Patience

I am Twesigye Patience aged 21 married with one son. Am from Butende parish, Kitayunjwa subcounty found in Kamuli district. Mr. Balande, chairman of the Parish Development Committee Butende sensitized us about the AWF project at St Marys’ Church Budongo, we formed a youth group of 30 members.

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Kabisi Ronald

My name is Kabisi Ronald aged 17, i used the two hundred twenty eight thousands(228,000UGX) that I received after selling my 280 kgs of chili to buy tomato seeds and planted quarter.

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Kwagala Racheal

“My name is Kwagala Racheal, I am a young girl aged 19 years. I am a member of Elite What Sapp group found in Buganza parish in Kitayunjwa subcounty in Kamuli district”.

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Mulinda Ronald

“The two hundred fifty thousand that I got on 6th June 2020 after selling 250 kgs of chili enabled me achieve my life dream of buying a COW for my children. All the years I have been longing to buy for my children a cow but it has been in vain NOT until I sold the 250 kgs of chili.

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Isiiko Hussein

Isiiko Hussein aged 23 married with one child a member of Gemakmwinho youth group Butende parish earned more than 500,000= from chili sales to KK he harvested from his quarter acre garden and was able to buy building materials with which he started the construct his new modern house of 3 rooms from his previous single roomed house.

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Muwanguzi Ben

My is Muwanguzi Ben, male aged 18 and single with no children, Iam PEASANT farmer from Buyende District: Buyende sub county. ‘ I received information concerning AWFP from a Community Based Trainer who stated the benefits of VSLA, Collective production and marketing. After listening to her, the desire to save money and buy goats attracted me to join Tilikuleka-Awabi Youth group in my village.

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Bakusekamajja Farmers Group

A Working Future Project Youths From Bakusekamajja Farmers Group, Kasolwe Parish, Kadolwe Zone. Kagumba sub county. Bakusekamajja savings group started in 2019 with 30 members (12 males, 18 females) as a saving group. It embraced a working future project after receiving a sensitization from the project officer of kagumba sub county.

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Mr. Waiswa Richard

Mr. Waiswa Richard is one of the 2018 A beneficiaries of VEDCOS MENU project in Luuka district. He received half a bag of OSP vines (NASPOT 8) and one kilogram of beans (NARO BEAN 1) which he planted. He was trained in the best agronomic practices, applied what he learnt and his harvests were excellent. They consumed the OSP roots and iron rich beans which motivated them to plant again.

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Beans for school fees

Kikobye Sarah a resident of Bumwena village, Buganza Parish, Kitayunjwa Subcounty in Kamuli District knew about MENU project in 2018A, during the awareness drives to promote bio fortification of Iron Beans and OSP.

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Lamwaka Emerensiana

The best are local vegetables! My name is Lamwaka Emerensiana. I am 47 years old, a resident of Obia East, Bardege division, Gulu Municipality. I am married with 6 children. I decided to grow local vegetables because of the need for balanced diet for my family as my children constantly suffered from malnutrition, and also the need for increasing my savings from our VSLA as a result of quick income from the sale of local vegetables since they don’t take long.

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Janet Amongi

Eating local vegetables changed my life! My name is Janet Amongi. I am 28 years old, a resident of Obia East, Bardege division, Gulu Municipality. I am married with 2 children. I joined the project of production and consumption of local vegetables through our VSLA group -Waneno Anyim. I liked the project right from the inception, training, planting and now consuming local vegetables.

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Ariebi United farmer group

Ariebi United farmer group is located in Ariebi village, Orungo Parish, Orungo Sub County in AMURIA district. The group is composed of 30 members of whom 26 are female and 4 are male. Akello Irene the chairperson of the group narrates her experience engaging in the 3-year farmer driven research journey.

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Irarak united savings group

Irarak united savings group / producer organization is farmer group located in Otaadan village, Agurur parish, Kibale sub-county PALLISA district in Eastern Uganda. The group consists of 30 members, 21 female and 09 male. In 2018, our group was selected by our subcounty leaders to participate in farmers research project by VEDCO.

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Sandra Akello

Skills is wealth! Sandra Akello is a 20-year-old single lady from Patongo town council, Agago district was profiled by Community Development Officer where she was recruited. After capacity building in group management, VSLAs, she was placed at tek ka kwo beauty saloon for training in hairdressing.

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Charles Ojok

Disability is not inability!! Charles Ojok 26 years old from Patongo town council, Agago District. Local council one chairperson reached out to him to join the project. Charles decided to pursue shoe making because of his disability, he was placed at Vardy’s vision enterprise for 3months where he acquired skills in shoe making and repair, he was supported with start-up kits to start his own shoe making workshop.

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Kitara Thomas

Garden is my home!! Kitara Thomas is a 22 years old from Palabek, Lamwo District. He received information from a friend about a certain project that was recruiting beneficiaries from his village. He went for the recruitment process where he was successfully enrolled. He was later put in a group of 28 members where they received training in group dynamics, VSLA and sustainable agriculture.

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