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Factory Zone, Lungujja, Kitunzi, Rubaga, Kampala

Bakusekamajja Farmers Group

A Working Future Project Youths From Bakusekamajja Farmers Group, Kasolwe Parish, Kadolwe Zone. Kagumba sub county. Bakusekamajja savings group started in 2019 with 30 members (12 males, 18 females) as a saving group. It embraced a working future project after receiving a sensitization from the project officer of kagumba sub county.

Nakisuyi Racheal in April 2020. They purchased seeds of 1 acre as a group at a cost of 150,000= from their savings and stated taking chili farming as a business.

From their first harvest in the month of September to October, they sold 445kg and earned 650,000=. They topped up 500,000= from their savings and bought 2 oxen as a group that they are hiring at a fee of 100,000= to plogh an acre. In December, they sold 295kg to kk fresh foods and earned 442500= that they used to buy a hoe for each of the youths in the group and shared 10,000= for the christmas event. The group members have now expanded the garden to 2 acres and each member of the group has an individual garden of ½ an acre.