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VEDCO is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) formed in 1986 working values with grass root communities in Uganda to improve their livelihoods. The organization was registered in 1992 as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) under the NGO statute of 1989, with its registration number as S. 5914/349 under the mandate of Agricultural Entrepreneurship Development. VEDCO’s main target is small and medium holder farmers, with a focus on supporting vulnerable households. Over the last 3 years VEDCO has expanded her area of coverage from one district of Luwero to reach out to 33 districts in Uganda.

VEDCO upholds the following values

  • Result oriented: VEDCO believes in its staff giving out quality results as output/outcome or a service in all its engagements with its partnerships.
  • Equal opportunity: VEDCO still believes in supporting the agricultural entrepreneurship development through empowering the small and medium poor farmers of Uganda and their institutions to take lead. In this, VEDCO aims at creating an enabling and just environment for them where mutual respect and equal opportunity will exists for and among all including its staff. It will work with individuals who are personally concerned about issues of inequity and injustice and find allies within and without the agency to join them in this quest.
  • Teamwork: VEDCO will continue requiring empowered staff members who have the space and confidence to use initiative and act boldly from an understanding of their vision, mission, values and working as a team to full fill the mandate.
  • Excellence: Every one’s behaviour in the organisation is expected to meet VEDCO’S Agreed standard.
  • Transparency and accountability: Transparency and accountability is still a key aspect for the survival of VEDCO. This is crucial in maintaining the highest levels of integrity and consistency in VEDCO’s work to provide confidence to our donors and supporters who are essential in the realization of our Vision.


This theme focuses on improving Food and Nutrition security, through

Increased agricultural production and productivity, food supply, as well as enhanced food utilization for the local communities. Farmers are organized and empowered to take on productivity farming enhancing technologies and practices, using experience- based, innovative, participatory and interactive ways of learning such as farmer field schools, community led demonstrations among others


We seek to deepen Agricultural Trade and Business Development that opens up for

Increased market access, value addition and inclusive finance. Farmers are supported with organizational development, leadership and good governance, records keeping & management and business plan development capacity building trainings, which redress the agro-business needs.


We aim to improve natural resource management as a way of promoting

Sustainable production practices, agro-ecological regeneration & reduced pollution, through Support reconstruction of agricultural related eco systems, promoting multipurpose indigenous and improved trees planting. Farmer’s knowledge on local waste management, swamp reservation, good farming practices, agroforestry and soil health management.