Strategic objective: To strengthen VEDCO institutions’ management systems for effective service delivery.

In order to build strong VEDCO and farmer institutions’ management systems, efforts will be made to:

  1. Strengthen VEDCO’s governance structures: Build the board and management capacity in various governance skills, review and update organizational structure to match growth, develop,  review institutional manuals and facilitate regular board meetings and facilitate field visits for the   board and management.
  2. Strengthen VEDCO management systems: Review and upgrade management systems – finance and human resource and administration , develop and operationalize a participatory M&E plan, train staff on the use of the M&E system, carry out baseline surveys, conduct programme evaluation exercises, develop a computerized database system, conduct annual review, planning and budgeting meetings to reflect on programs
  • Strengthen gender Mainstreaming in the organisation: Build staff capacity to mainstream gender and implement the organisational gender policy
  • Reduce staff susceptibility and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS: recruit competent Staff in HIV/ AIDS, train other staff on HIV/AIDS mainstreaming and integration, create awareness on HIV/AIDS, and allocate resources for implementing the HIV/AIDS work place policy.

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