Strategic objective: To increase access to local, national, regional and international markets for priority products for female and male farmers.

This strategic objective will be achieved through;

  1. Improved farmers’ access to market information: VEDCO shall train farmers and staff in access, interpretation and sharing of market information, collect, repackage, share and disseminate market information to farmers and buyers and conduct regular data collection to update the market information data bank
  2. Improved value addition of selected products among target farmers: VEDCO shall co-finance farmers to acquire and train them on use value addition technologies and maintaining product quality, establish bulking centres and /or small warehouses, grain silos and conduct learning visits for farmers’ associations on value addition.
  3. Development of Value chains for selected crops and animal products: VEDCO shall cconduct market chain analysis for selected enterprises, stakeholders meetings for value chain actors and monitor performance of the value chains of the selected enterprises.
  4. Increased farmers’ capacity to participate In Agro Marketing: VEDCO shall train  the staff, existing farmers’ groups and marketing associations  in entrepreneurship skills and market oriented production. Farmers shall be facilitated to participate in district level agric trade shows, carry out collective planning and VEDCO shall establish and equip existing CBRCs with information for farmers to access.

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