Strategic Objective: To increase access to appropriate knowledge and technology relevant for sustainable food production and equitable utilisation.

To achieve this objective VEDCO will intervene through the following;

  1. Improved access to high quality Agro inputs, animal breeds and production technologies: VEDCO shall buy and distribute quality agro inputs to female and male farmer, avail and train farmers on use of labour saving technologies and link farmers to local input dealers. VEDCO shall demonstrate and equip farmers with post-harvest produce management technologies, train farmers on safe use of chemicals and establish school gardens for demonstration to pupils. VEDCO shall link with research institutions in order to provide improved breeds of livestock.
  2. Improved Practices for Sustainable utilisation and management of natural resources:VEDCO shall purchase and supply tree seedlings, establish tree nurseries at regional level, facilitate tree planting events and train farmers on soil and water conservation techniques, including water harvesting.
  3. Improved food utilisation among targeted farmers’ households:VEDCO shall train farmers on food utilization and preparation, train on basic nutrition principles, organize meetings to link farmers to product development forums with farmers, link with nutrition and health care service providers to reach out to targeted communities, provide nutritional emergency care for vulnerable segments and conduct periodic food and nutrition status assessment.
  4. Improved sanitation and hygiene practices among target farmers: VEDCO shall train female  and male farmers on proper hygiene practices and support access to clean water for domestic use using boreholes.
  5. Increased farmers access to extension services: VEDCO shall train female and male community based extension workers and provide them with toolkits, train staff on extension service delivery, production of IEC materials, conduct information/knowledge sharing meetings and conduct stakeholder and programme review meetings. VEDCO shall also establish partnerships with HIV/AIDS service providers and train staff on impact assessment.
  6. Farmer- led institutions developed and strengthened.

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