My name is Eunice Opio. A resident of Onotpit Village, Akura Sub County, Alebtong District. I am married with 6 Children, My husband’s name is Joel Opio.I have been farming since 2004 but when I joined Yikiti farmers group in 2013, my farm became more productive. This is because of the various trainings & support I got from VEDCO through our group which is comprised mainly of women. I practice commercial farming by growing sunflower on 5 acres and Soybean on 4 acres.

In the 1st season of 2013, I harvested 20 bags of sunflower and sold them at 2,040,000 UGX. I used part of this money to complete constructing our new home. In the second season, I harvested 10 bags also sold them. This enabled me to purchase a Solar panel which I use to provide lighting in our home and charge our phones.

I manage the farm with my husband. We diligently keep farm records because according to our trainers it will help us make informed management decisions that will help maintain and improve the farm business profitability. We hire laborers to work on our farm, problem is that they ask for a lot of money yet most of them are not committed.

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